Posted on April 22nd, 2013

I have used borrowed power to bring steering wheel lock and sustain you here and I am afraid its effects grow weak. He said. Now, will you listen to me or shall I find someone else to save the universe? Do what?! Rok thought to himself. He could say nothing. He shrugged his shoulders and held his hands out to his sides. Fine. He said to Jakoba. Thank you. Jakoba replied. You are not Rok Wellem. Your life on earth was a cover, and quite frankly, it is a life I am sorry to say, whether you accept coming home or not. What do you mean discovered? The Midway is attached to everything. Men of evil can access this portal just as easily as good. Jakoba explained. Of course. Rok said. Called Edin. The little man continued.

You are human. Your bloodline has been chosen by Those Above to protect the timeline that exists in La Pocher Astras. Jakoba placed his hand on Rok’s upper back and beckoned him to walk. What? Rok said. La Pocher Astras. It means The Beautiful Stars. The scenery around them began to change and they were suddenly steering wheel lock standing on the dock of a popular sea side carnival that Rok remembered frequenting with Kathryn. There was too much information coming at him at once. He could do nothing but listen as Jakoba talked. Interesting choice. He said. I don’t want to talk about it. Rok said with warning in his voice. Though out of line, Jakoba was correct. Rok and Kathryn spent a lot of time here when they were young and even after they got married.

Ok. Jakoba smiled at him. Anyway, your bloodline has ruled over Edin for many generations. Aaron was the first and only king in the planet’s short history. But he ruled for generations? Rok asked. Is that possible? Yes, now hush. You were, and steering wheel lock are, a chosen people. Other Warriors exist of course, but royal bloodlines are normally equipped with special abilities and unimaginable power that their brethren often do not receive, the biggest being having the ability to see into the timeline. Magic, castles, mythical creatures, everything that you have been taught doesn’t exist, does. And you are the prince of it all in this universe. Jakoba continued to bombard Rok with information. As far as planets and steering wheel lock galaxies…they are countless.

Each one separated from the other by its own space in the timeline. In every galaxy there is one hidden planet that holds the bloodline chosen for that particular one. At one time, Warriors were many in number. Now they are few. Rok’s brain was taking uppercuts from the words that came from Jakoba’s mouth. Galaxies and planets.



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